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Subject: [fxruby-users] SEL_UPDATE not responsive

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Yes, that?s the command.
It solved my problems. Without it, for instance, the ?tips? took five seconds to appear when hovering over buttons.
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Objet : Re[2]: [fxruby-users] SEL_UPDATE not responsive
I think the syntax is
I have not tried this because, while waiting for an answer, I came up with a workaround that I like.
Instead of using SEL_UPDATE, I create a
   getApp().addTimeout(500, method(:timeoutHandler), :repeat => true)
  def timeoutHandler(sender, sel, ptr)
    #puts "#{__FILE__} @ #{__LINE__} #{Time.now}"
    # do something ever .5 second
The "sender, sel, ptr" won't be the same as in SEL_UPDATE, but that is a minor inconvenience compared to the added flexibility.  Plus, converting the logic from SEL_UPDATE to a timeout handler was, for me, very easy and straightforward.
Wednesday, August 18, 2010, 3:24:34 AM, you wrote:

I know this phenomenon. You have to forbid threads. There is a fxruby command for that. I forgot the exact syntax.
Michel  Demazure
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Objet : [fxruby-users] SEL_UPDATE not responsive
I have read what I could about SEL_UPDATE and I understand that the block(s) that get called "from" SEL_UPDATE only get called when "there is no more work to do".
I took the splitter.rb example that comes with FXRuby. I put in a "puts" in one of the SEL_UPDATE blocks and I get about 4 a second.   Not awful ... but ... why is it so slow?
In my code which is ... more or less ... similar to splitter.rb (just a lot more widgets and buttons) and a single SEL_UPDATE block with almost nothing in it ... and the block gets trigger once every four seconds rather than 4 times a second.  That's unacceptably slow.
How can I tell what's causing SEL _UPDATE to be so slow?  (CPU usage is at 4%.  I don't think I'm in a heavy loop.)

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Best regards,
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