[fxruby-users] Getting size of desktop

Ralph Shnelvar ralphs at dos32.com
Tue Aug 17 09:05:39 EDT 2010

How can I get the size of the desktop on which I can place an FXRuby Window?

What I mean:

When one has several monitors on a system and one "extend the desktop onto this monitor" .... this, of course, increases the real estate onto which one can drop an FXRuby window.

In my app, I have a configuration file giving the position of the app
      position(xx, yy, ww, hh)
This does a nice job of placing the window where I want it.

If I move my configuration file from one machine that has several monitors to my laptop, the window may be placed somewhere in the ozone.

So ... how can I get the size of the desktop so that I can compute that the window will be dragable and if not,  can then do a
to center the FXRuby window on the center of the smaller desktop on my laptop?

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