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Joey Kinsella jkinsella at ancillaryservices.com
Wed Apr 28 09:23:31 EDT 2010

This was an interesting question, what it looks like happens (atleast for
FXPrintDialog) is use the FXTranslator object.

--- C++ snippets ---

/* FXPrintDialog.cpp */
FXGroupBox *dest = new FXGroupBox(contents, tr("Print Destination"),
10,10,5,5 10,5);

---- Looking through the tr() functions appears to do this: ---

/* FXWindow.cpp */
const FXchar *FXWindow::tr(const FXchar *message, const FXchar* hint) const
  FXTranslator *translator = getApp()->getTranslator();
    return translator->tr(getClassName(), message, hint);
  return message;

--- Translator tr() ---

/* FXTranslator.cpp */
const FXchar *FXTranslator::tr(const FXchar* context,const FXchar* message,
const FXchar* hint) const {
  FXTRACE((200,"tr context '%s' message: '%s' hint:
  return message;


Ok, so looking through that it doesn't seem to actually map anything...
(This was fox-1.6.35 source code.)
So, I'm not really sure how to do translations on const values. Someone with
more experience in the Fox/FXRuby libraries might be able to guide you
though. Glancing through the FXRuby source I don't see anything additional
or different being done for the FXTranslator object. but that's just a
glance.. Further investigation could yield something else.

I hope this helps in some way.


2010/4/28 Bartosz Dziewoński <matma.rex at gmail.com>

> I don't think that's what Reginaldo meant.
> > constant messages (texts of buttons and labels of a FXPrintDialog, for
> example)
> (I don't know how to do it myself, just pointing out)
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