[fxruby-users] i18n messages

Reginaldo Francisco naldo_ds at yahoo.com.br
Mon Apr 26 21:50:03 EDT 2010

Hi everybody,

I'm Reginaldo (from Brazil), and this is my first message at 
fxruby-users list (actually, I'm "digging" FXRuby and its API only four 
days ago). My interest is to popularize desktop development with Ruby 
here in my region and I think FXRuby will help me very much in this task.
So, starting it, how could I translate FXRuby constant messages (texts 
of buttons and labels of a FXPrintDialog, for example) from english to 
any other language (portuguese, spanish, french, italian, german)? 
Should I use a FXTranslation instance? How can I use it?

Thanks in advance,

Reginaldo Francisco
naldo_ds at yahoo.com.br

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