[fxruby-users] Pre-release FXRuby binary gems for testing

Amber Vaesca mailing.lists at semigreenpenny.com
Wed Oct 21 17:30:31 EDT 2009

Lyle Johnson wrote:

>> The MacPorts installation that I have produces anti-aliased text in  
>> all of the widgets, but the gem does not. I'm guessing this has  
>> something to do with a FreeType library installation or something,  
>> but it if doesn't bloat the gem much, that might be a good thing to  
>> include.
> It took a little experimentation, but I think I've got it working. I  
> replaced the previous copy of the gem in my Dropbox with a new one  
> built with Xft support; for reference, the link is...

That did the trick; text looks great! Everything seems to be working  
flawlessly; but I'm not really *trying* to break anything. Thanks for  
this; you made my week. :)


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