[fxruby-users] Pre-release FXRuby binary gems for testing

dave L dglnz at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 21 02:18:34 EDT 2009


If you have something for linux then i'd be happy to test it.

You may have figured I'm not the brightest light bulb in the pack when it comes to ruby  but I do try to sort issues i have out before posting and then i carry on trying.

I use Meinrad's foxGUIb front end and find it BLOOD great as i can easily knock up a GUI front end quicker and get a visual look quicker than i can with FXruby natively (plus i find i get confuse about the FXruby code.

personally would love to see foxGUIb worked on some more to make it easier to add controls that someone like me could add to _or_ to add new controls like the fxtable (know this won't happen and i haven't got the skills).

I run Kubuntu 9.04



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Subject: [fxruby-users] Pre-release FXRuby binary gems for testing


A couple of new build platforms have come into the picture since the last FXRuby release and I'm trying to make sure they're supported. That is to say, I want to be able to provide precompiled binary gems so that users on those platforms don't have to build everything from source. I think I'm there, but I could use your help testing if you have access to either (1) the new, still under development MinGW-based Ruby installer or (2) Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Here is a binary installer for FXRuby 1.6 on Ruby 1.8.6, the MinGW edition (the one being developed by Luis Lavena and co.):


And here is a binary gem for FXRuby 1.6 on Ruby 1.8.7, the one that comes with Snow Leopard:


If you have the time and are willing to be a guinea pig, please download and give it a short (and let me know how it goes). Remember, the goal here is that the end-user doesn't have to have any of FOX's numerous dependencies preinstalled to use these.


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