[fxruby-users] Pre-release FXRuby binary gems for testing

Lyle Johnson lyle at lylejohnson.name
Tue Oct 20 16:42:52 EDT 2009


A couple of new build platforms have come into the picture since the  
last FXRuby release and I'm trying to make sure they're supported.  
That is to say, I want to be able to provide precompiled binary gems  
so that users on those platforms don't have to build everything from  
source. I think I'm there, but I could use your help testing if you  
have access to either (1) the new, still under development MinGW-based  
Ruby installer or (2) Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Here is a binary installer for FXRuby 1.6 on Ruby 1.8.6, the MinGW  
edition (the one being developed by Luis Lavena and co.):


And here is a binary gem for FXRuby 1.6 on Ruby 1.8.7, the one that  
comes with Snow Leopard:


If you have the time and are willing to be a guinea pig, please  
download and give it a short (and let me know how it goes). Remember,  
the goal here is that the end-user doesn't have to have any of FOX's  
numerous dependencies preinstalled to use these.



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