[fxruby-users] ruby1.9.1 fox1.7.19 fxrubygithub -> Init_core

Lyle Johnson lyle at lylejohnson.name
Fri Mar 6 11:24:30 EST 2009

On Mar 6, 2009, at 1:45 AM, adaml2 at seznam.cz wrote:

> 'sudo gem install fxruby'  doesn't work on linux. Because File.move-->
> FileUtils.move
> bug. You've had several complains about that. ( you can install fxruby
> from a gem on windows, because its precompiled )

Yes, this is a known problem for building FXRuby against Ruby 1.9.1. I  
have just released FXRuby 1.6.19, which should take care of this  

> In doc/* section you have swig 1.3.22 as only alternative and in  
> another place
> you have swig from cvs. So I wrote I have 1.3.35 installed from  
> ubuntu, because
> that last Init_core error might be somehow caused by bad version of  
> swig.
> I have no problem to install any other version - or you expect me
> trying all variants. If it depends on fixed swig version - check for
> it. And update doc/*

OK. I've just updated the docs and have made a note that the build  
script should check which version of SWIG is being used, to confirm  
that it's the right version.

I have actually made some fixes on the trunk (for what will eventually  
be FXRuby 1.8) to support the latest versions of SWIG, but I'm waiting  
on the release of FOX 1.8 for those. That would lift this restriction  
on using such an old version of SWIG.

> I was curious if there exist a simple way to wrap other non-official  
> fox classes
> to be used from ruby. If someone writes some C++ Fox Widget and I will
> want to use it from ruby. Or with bigger fxruby project one can easily
> run into speed problems... So It would be great to reimplement some
> widgets back in C++ and do then do fxruby-binding for them.

That's very difficult to do, and I'm not sure how to work around it at  
this point. But you'd want to look at how the FXScintilla widget is  
supported in FXRuby as a guide.

> As first step I tried to compile developers version from github.  
> That's all.

OK. We really need some sort of hacker's guide to FXRuby. There has  
just never been much interest from anyone for that, so it has taken  
low priority.

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