[fxruby-users] Status of FOX 1.7?

Lyle Johnson lyle at lylejohnson.name
Fri Mar 6 10:02:23 EST 2009


As best I can tell, FOX 1.7.x has been the development version of FOX  
for 2.5+ years (with FOX 1.7.1 released in July 2006). I know that you  
generally don't like to set schedules and that "it will be done when  
it's done", but do you have a rough idea of how close you are to  
rolling the development branch over to a stable (presumably 1.8?)  
release branch? I am asking because there are some aspects of FXRuby's  
guts that I have intentionally put off changing until FOX 1.8 goes  
live (and as you already know I decided awhile back not to try and  
track the 1.7 series since the API is in flux).

Just curious,


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