[fxruby-users] ruby1.9.1 fox1.7.19 fxrubygithub -> Init_core

adaml2 at seznam.cz adaml2 at seznam.cz
Fri Mar 6 02:45:41 EST 2009


It was story about compiling fxruby from github.
I was really impressed by the amount of errors and your reaction just proves it.
( of course it also proves I'm bad writer. sorry for that )

'sudo gem install fxruby'  doesn't work on linux. Because File.move-->
bug. You've had several complains about that. ( you can install fxruby
from a gem on windows, because its precompiled )


> You don't need SWIG to build FXRuby. It's something I use in the development
> of FXRuby, but you don't need it.

I understand you are a swig developer and you feel high about
yourself. Yeah you deserve a lot credit. But with this approach you're
going to do all alone.

In doc/* section you have swig 1.3.22 as only alternative and in another place
you have swig from cvs. So I wrote I have 1.3.35 installed from ubuntu, because
that last Init_core error might be somehow caused by bad version of swig.
I have no problem to install any other version - or you expect me
trying all variants. If it depends on fixed swig version - check for
it. And update doc/*


To end this.
I was curious if there exist a simple way to wrap other non-official fox classes
to be used from ruby. If someone writes some C++ Fox Widget and I will
want to use it from ruby. Or with bigger fxruby project one can easily
run into speed problems... So It would be great to reimplement some
widgets back in C++ and do then do fxruby-binding for them.
As first step I tried to compile developers version from github. That's all.


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