[fxruby-users] Right mouse menu causes FXList to keep scrolling

Ronald Pijnacker pijnacker at dse.nl
Wed Jun 24 03:50:20 EDT 2009

Hi all,

The user interface of an application of mine has a couple of
FXLists that are filled enough to get a scroll-bar.
I added a right-mouse pop-up menu to these lists as follows:

    @list.connect(SEL_RIGHTBUTTONPRESS) do |sender, sel, data|
        menu = FXMenuPane.new(@list)
        FXMenuCommand.new(menu, "Some entry") do |mc|
            mc.connect(SEL_COMMAND) { do_something }
        menu.popup(nil, data.root_x, data.root_y)

The pop-up menu works without problems, but when I invoke it
the underlying list keeps scrolling, even with no buttons pressed.

Any ideas?


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