[fxruby-users] Learning FXRuby please help!

Marlene Phillips marlene at phillipses.com
Wed Jun 24 02:50:01 EDT 2009

Thanks again for your input. I've read through Lyle's book, which is
where I'm trying to learn FXRuby from. It's a great book, but I don't see
where there's anything about using self.recalc.

While trying to solve this problem, I also tried to create the window in
the button block, and it didn't work. I just now tried adding your
self.recalc code, and it still
doesn't show. Clearly I'm missing something that should be obvious!

class Lookup < FXMainWindow
  def initialize(app)
    super(app, "Lookup window", :width=>400, :height=>600,
    bframe = FXHorizontalFrame.new(self, :opts => LAYOUT_FILL_X)
    hearButton = FXButton.new(bframe, "Do you hear me?")
    hearButton.connect(SEL_COMMAND) do |sender,sel, data|
      @yesWindow = FXHorizontalFrame.new(self, :opts =>
      yesLabel = FXLabel.new(@yesWindow,"Yes")
      puts "pushed hear button"
      puts "window shown? " + @yesWindow.shown?.to_s

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