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dave L dglnz at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 5 00:57:52 EDT 2009

Just tried this as an experiment.

what i did was to change the init if respond_to? 'init' line within the foxGUIb code to a puts 'yes' if respond_to? 'init'.

Now using Sicite i expected to see in the output screen yes displayed either during program execution or after the program is closed.

But nothing happened!! so i can only think that the generated code doesn't know anything about my code.

If that is so then i copied and pasted the unit test across to my code and ran my code and got no response either.


# source generated by foxGUIb 1.0.0

class MainWindow
    def initialize( parent)  
        construct_widget_tree( parent)
        puts 'yes' if respond_to? 'init'
    def construct_widget_tree( parent)

                 My code written tonight after viewing your reply.
require 'monitorscreen.rb'
#require 'sqlite3_calls.rb'

#include Dbase
class Fxwindow_code < MainWindow
  def initialize(parent)
        #@mydb = dbase.new
  def init
# just put the characters to a label on the screen - easy debug solution for me to see
# if the user entry gets passed through
#                   - when there is a key press - SEL_KEYRELEASE message is sent

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Hi Nataraj S Narayan,

The only one that comes close to that sort of thing would be ...
                   foxGUIb  - written by Meinrad Recheis (aka henon)
                  Shoes        - written by _why_the_lucky_stiff (aka(_why)

foxGuib is a good for visually placing controls onto the screen etc and i'm having a time trying to link my event code to actions done on the foxGUIb generated screen (thinking about doing a screen cast once i am more confidant about doing things with foxGUIb and pulling in my code - or visa versa).

Shoes is a great wee program very versital and much more ruby in how you use it but has it's own quirks.
good place to learn about Shoes is at www.ruby learning.org they run a 2 week course every so often among other courses for ruby.

might add that doing the free ruby core course 1st might help you too (not that i know or critiquing your programming skills).



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