[fxruby-users] trouble with program code separation

dave L dglnz at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 2 06:37:03 EDT 2009

Thanks Meinrad for your reply,

I had tried doing something like this but it didn't work in the last couple of days - Grrrr.

Now before when i had the code inside the foxGUIb generated file when i entered something into the textfield which is named @acc_code I had it so that the value was put into a label (which just happened to hold the word Address on the screen - this was more for me to see that the enter key worked or not.

Now the code below this fails! - so it's two steps forward 1 back.

I readily admit that i'm not the brightest programmer so what seems logical sometimes for me when it's not shown is a mistery hense i go a bit overboard sometimes to explain my problem.

So I've commented out all references to my program sqlite3_calls.rb to try and get the keypress to work
that is when the ENTER key is press i want the value to be shown on a label just to prove it works.

Once that's done then it's one step to uncomment the references to SQLite3_calls and pass the value through to get a customer record returned and to have some values displayed on screen.

My current code for MainWindow - foxGUIb generated code & my hand coded event handler code.

yours or that of others on this list would be greatly appreciated 

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I don't see the whole code, so I can not exactly tell you how to fix your problem. maybe 
a small example will help you:

class MainWindow # generated by foxguib
     def initialize( parent)  
         construct_widget_tree( parent)
         init if respond_to? 'init'

     def construct_widget_tree( parent)
       # here the gui is created by foxguib code
# you don't want to change the above autogenerated class in case you want to change it later and regenerate it.  
# everything that MainWindow should do that is not provided by foxguib goes in a subclass:

class DBWindow < MainWindow # your code
  def initialize(parent)
    # do your stuff here for example:
    @mydb = Dbase.new
-- Henon

lot's snippted

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