[fxruby-users] Considering a move to GitHub

Lyle Johnson lyle at lylejohnson.name
Thu Jan 29 09:06:19 EST 2009

I'm considering moving the source code repository for FXRuby over to
GitHub and wanted to float the idea here first to make sure there are
no objections.

I don't get the impression that anyone is actively watching the
Subversion repository that's currently hosted at RubyForge, and I'm
using Git almost exclusively these days anyways. There's the added
bonus that a move to GitHub might encourage more people to fork the
code and make changes, contributions, etc.---more so than has happened
to date.

Any thoughts? If no one raises any objections by, say, Monday, I'll
probably go ahead and make the switch next week. The existing
Subversion repository at RubyForge will effectively become frozen at
that point.

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