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dave L dglnz at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 28 20:08:57 EST 2009

regarding your comment about learning more basic ruby my i suggest this FREE online site.

I did 2 class (bit thick :)).
and then sat on my hands until recently.

may even redo it again sometime this year.

lost of mentors/assistant instructors etc.
you participate in forums by posting your code and helping others.
1 lession (a number of excerises last 1 week - Sat - Sat) all at India Std Time.

have a look it's worth it and FREE - course is 3 months (12 weeks).



--- On Thu, 29/1/09, Douglas Allen <kb9agt at gmail.com> wrote:

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> Subject: [fxruby-users] GTK2
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> I am looking at using gtk2 now that I have just tasted
> fox16. I tend
> to play with these programs when I first discover them but
> after a
> while go on to something else. I have GUI tool kits for
> both now and
> was wanting to see if others here have tried gtk2 also. I
> will get
> into a forum there when I learn a little more basic ruby.
> There is an
> online course for FXruby here:
> http://rubylearning.com/blog/2008/10/20/fxruby-yaml-activerecord-and-database-a-new-course/
> Looking for folks interested in GTK2.
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