[fxruby-users] installation issues - kubuntu 8.04

Lyle Johnson lyle at lylejohnson.name
Thu Jan 22 09:54:22 EST 2009

On Jan 22, 2009, at 2:54 AM, dave L wrote:

> had a look and got libfox-1.6 & -doc packages the -dev said there  
> would be a *lot* of upgrades and new packages total 24~27(Mb) so  
> didn't install that.
> these packages where from teh universal repoitories.
>      Get:1 http://nz.archive.ubuntu.com hardy/universe libfox-1.6- 
> doc 1.6.25-1 (from the terminal window)

Well, you're going to need some sort of "dev" package for FOX, so that  
you get the header files. I know that libfox-1.6-dev would provide  
those, but maybe this alternate package will work too.

> apt-get couldn't find fxruby or FXRuby and ruby by it's self said  
> ruby is current (ie no updates!!).

OK, so there's no Ubuntu package for FXRuby. Oh well!
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