[fxruby-users] fxRuby not Installing

Lyle Johnson lyle at lylejohnson.name
Mon Jan 19 17:53:52 EST 2009

On Jan 19, 2009, at 4:40 PM, Justin Shell wrote:

> My reading of this was that I also needed to install Fox. Is this  
> correct?

Yes, you need to install FOX first.

> Looking at the option, I added -with-fox-include. I got the same  
> error.

Adding the --with-fox-include flag won't help you if FOX isn't  
installed yet; that's just a way to tell the FXRuby gem builder where  
to find FOX on your system if it can't find it automatically.

> I then opened up MacPorts and tried installing Fox that way. I got  
> some errors related to fonts (there were a lot of them so I didn't  
> paste them) and Fox was not installed.

That's odd. Are you using MacPorts 1.7.0 (the current release)? I  
haven't had any (recent) reports about the FOX port not building  
properly. It would be good if you could file a bug report at  
MacPorts.org on that one.

> Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong here? Do I need to include more  
> options? Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm running 10.4.9 on an  
> iBook and have Ruby 1.8.6.

The best situation would be to get the MacPorts build working. You  
could try downloading the FOX source code and building it "from  
scratch", but that's a little trickier than using MacPorts.

Hope this helps,


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