[fxruby-users] Vista issues

James Hibbard mr_nice66 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 16 09:39:26 EST 2009

Only on my wife's laptop and under Ubuntu Linux.
There the scolling effect worked like a charm.
At the end of the day it is not the most major issue as the program still functions exactly like it should, but the effect was actually really neat!
Maybe a couple of other people could have a look if the effect works on their computers?

From: Philippe Lang <philippe.lang at attiksystem.ch>
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Sent: Friday, 16 January, 2009 14:06:59
Subject: Re: [fxruby-users] Vista issues

Hi again,
I have just run shutter.rb (from the example folder, 
thanks! :)) under XP, and no scrolling effet at all on my computer. When I 
click on the shutter, change are immediate, no effect or whatever. Have you made 
tests on other XP computers?

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[fxruby-users] Vista issues


So, referring to shutter.rb
Supposing you have the 'Lookout 
shortcuts' shutter item selected (you can see 'Lookout today', 'Inbox', 
'Calendar', 'Contacts' etc) 
When you click on the shutter item below it, 
does it smoothly scroll up to nest underneath the 'Lookout shortcuts' item, or 
does it just spring up there in one frame?
When running this under XP I got 
the first effect (smooth scrolling), when running it under Vista I got the 
second effect (jumpy frames).
Do I understand it correctly that you get the 
jumpy frames effect in both XP and Vista, or just in XP?
Cheers for looking 
into this.

P.S. under windows the shutter programme can be found 
here - no need to deactivate ithe icons 

 From: Philippe Lang 
<philippe.lang at attiksystem.ch>
To: fxruby-users at rubyforge.org
Sent: Friday, 16 January, 2009 
Subject: Re: 
[fxruby-users] Vista issues

> Hi,
> I also 
noticed that the FXShutter doesn't work properly under Vista. 
> When you 
click on the various shutter items, it just flicks from one 
> item to the 
next without the smooth animation in between.
> It just flicks from one 
shutter button to the next in one frame.
> Is there any way of fixing 
this, or should I just can Vista and go
back to XP.


I'm not 
using the FXShutter widget myself, so I'm not sure how it's
supposed to work, 
but I have just run the FXShutter example here:


... And I 
don't see the smooth animation effect you are talking about,
although I use 
XP as well. (I have disactivated the icons load, it's not
supposed to change 
anything, right?)

Maybe your XP machine is so old that your funny smooth 
effect is in fact
a huge slowdow in screen redraw? :) Just 

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