[fxruby-users] selective disabling of text entry in a FXTable (again)

William B. Parsons wbparsons at cshore.com
Thu Jan 15 20:34:23 EST 2009


I originally sent the following query to the FXRuby mailing list, but as 
it seems to be a FOX issue, Lyle Johnson forwarded it to the main FOX list.
There has been no reply, so is this a FOX bug or a misunderstanding on my

Lyle Johnson wrote:
> On Jan 7, 2009, at 4:22 PM, William B. Parsons wrote:
>> I'm working on my first application using FXRuby, and am trying to  
>> disable
>> text entry in certain columns of a FXTable, but calling  
>> disableItem() on
>> a cell doesn't seem to prevent editing a cell.  Do I misunderstand  
>> the use
>> of disableItem()?
> This appears to be a bug in FOX (so I'm Cc'ing the FOX list). Looking  
> at the source code for FXTable, I see a few checks on the enabled/ 
> disabled state of table items, to determine whether or not they can be  
> added to a selection, but that seems to be it.


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