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Lyle Johnson lyle at lylejohnson.name
Fri Feb 20 15:13:51 EST 2009

On Feb 17, 2009, at 6:25 PM, Andreas S wrote:

> The other part is my users asked me to improve my tool by allowing  
> them to define bind keys.
> This got me looking at FXAccel. The following sample is from  
> FXAccel#addAccel rdoc:
> hotKey = fxparseAccel("Ctrl+S")
> accelTable.addAccel(hotKey, doc, FXSEL(SEL_COMMAND,  
> MyDocument::ID_SAVE))
> Seems like I can only associate a hot key with a message, not a  
> block. That's why I'm looking
> into adding message selectors and handlers and my curiosity, for why  
> my message handler doesn't
> work, won't leave my mind at peace. (I haven't been successful using  
> FXAccelTable, but that's a
> different issue)
> My understanding was, given a list of selector types and ids,  
> supported by a widget, widget#handle
> for FXSEL(TYPE,ID) will cause the widget to send FXSEL(TYPE,ID) to  
> its target. But from what I
> gathered, one cannot be certain about that, as my button example  
> shows.

Your understanding is correct; the problem is that the FXButton widget  
doesn't respond to FXSEL(SEL_COMMAND, 0). This fact is unfortunately  
not documented anywhere (other than in the FOX source code itself).  
FXButton does, in contrast, respond to FXSEL(SEL_LEFTBUTTONPRESS, 0)  

> I might not be able to rely on FXAccelTable to define bind keys,  
> since #addAccel can only associate
> one hot key to one message type-id.

I know that I ran into some problem trying to support FXAccel#addAccel  
with blocks. I think the problem was that FXAccelTable#addAccel  
expects two arguments at the end (one for the "down" keypress and one  
for the "up" keypress), but we can only pass one block, and so I  
wasn't sure how to handle the association. It occurs to me that I  
*might* be able to offer a different-looking API, something like:

	addAccelUp(hotKey, target) do |sender, sel, ptr|

	addAccelDown(hotKey) do |sender, sel, ptr|

or something like that...

Hope this helps,

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