[fxruby-users] fxruby and the new ruby 1.9.1

Lyle Johnson lyle at lylejohnson.name
Mon Feb 2 10:57:43 EST 2009

On Feb 1, 2009, at 12:26 AM, Andreas S wrote:

> Ruby 1.9.1 was just officially released and it might be too  
> premature to report this. However, release note for fxruby 1.6.18  
> mentioned "minor fixes for compatibility with ruby 1.9.1". So I dare  
> my self to send this.
> Two problems I encountered:
> 1. gem install fxruby
>     Error due to ext/fox16/extconf.rb using File.move. Changing it  
> to use FileUtils.move fixes it (along with require 'fileutils').

You're right, sorry about that. I thought I had fixed that awhile  
back, but it turns out I just wasn't exercising that part of the  
installation script and so I assumed it was no longer a problem.

> 2. The following code works before with ruby 1.8.7, fxruby  
> 1.6.16/18, fox 1.16 but not with ruby 1.9.1, fxruby 1.6.18, fox  
> 1.16. Left click on column header is not working for ruby1.9.1/ 
> fxruby1.6.18 (works if SEL_RIGHTBUTTONRELEASE handle is not defined)

OK, I'll log a bug report for this and see what can be done.
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