[fxruby-users] to get the system date / time?

Len Lawrence lcl at tarazed.demon.co.uk
Thu Aug 27 03:12:46 EDT 2009

dave L wrote:
> Yes I have since found out from my 1st posting for help that I had to require date in and so time too.
> Have a need also to split text from a FXList into other controls (allow data to be changed) and bashed my head as i thought i'd have to invent the wheel again not thinking about just requiring string to do the heavy lifting for me).
> So i have now been able to kill more birds with the one call for help.
> By the way have you played with foxGUI?
> I'm very much a noob with both ruby, FXruby and foxGUI.
> but making head way in 2 steps forward 1 back.
> many thanks for your relpy.
> Dave.
> PS sending this to you personnally as posting to list won't enlighten other anymore than what has been posted on my date/time question and reply to date, BUT I am interested in hearing back from you on the foxGUI as i'd like to get someone with more experiance to help me with some problems i have with it.
Sorry Dave, I don't have any experience with foxGUI.  I have actually 
stopped using FOX altogether and gone back to using Tk.  18 years 
experience with Tcl/Tk so it was natural to adopt RubyTk.  fxruby fits 
in better with the object hierarchy of Ruby but Tk has functionality 
which hardly exists in other graphic toolkits and which I need every 
day, like an intuitive listbox and the peerless TkCanvas.

Good luck with the learning curve.  I have been programming for 46 years 
but am still on the learning curve.  Like you it is still 2 steps 
forward and 1 back, or even +3 -2.


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