[fxruby-users] to get the system date / time?

jkinsella at ancillaryservices.com jkinsella at ancillaryservices.com
Wed Aug 26 18:49:40 EDT 2009

I'm not 100% sure, but you should be able to just do:

require 'time'

my_date = Date.now
my_time = Time.now
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dave L wrote:
> I would like to be able to get the PC system date/time as you can in ruby.
> not exactly sure why i'm not getting it currently!
> I'm doing this at the moment.
> mydate = Date
> mytime = Time
> these failed so added a .now and it still failed!!!
> looked at the fxruby Rdoc site and found no luck their as yet (and 
> googled)!
> dave.
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Have you got

require 'date'

in your header section?

I have this in one of my non FX scripts:

Today = (DateTime.now).to_s.slice( 0, 10 ).tr( '-', ' ' )

to get the year, month and day.


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