[fxruby-users] FXDialogBox - how to close

Frederick Schaeffer rschaeff at comcast.net
Mon Apr 27 10:21:20 EDT 2009

That WORKS!!!!!  Thank you SOOOOOO much!!  It never occurred to me to look
in the FXApp class!!

Rick Schaeffer

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fxruby-users-bounces at rubyforge.org wrote:
> I have an FXDialogBox that I want to programmatically close.  I have
> been unable to figure out how to do it and am baffled! 
> If I add an "Accept" button using this code:
>     accept = FXButton.new(buttons, "&Accept", nil, self, ID_ACCEPT,
> the dialog exits properly when I hit the button.  BUT...I don't want
> to have a button in the dialog.  When the user selects an item from a
> listbox, I just want to do the same thing as "Accept".  I have tried
> having the dialog close itself.  The window closes but the parent
> window thinks it still exists (The dialog is "modal").  Nothing I
> have tried closes the dialog box and lets the parent window function
> normally.      


Maybe you can try this:

  # Closes the dialog.
  def closeDialog

... where $app is your application object.

Best regards,

Philippe Lang
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