[fxruby-users] TEXT_AUTOSCROLL in FXText with usage of FXDataTarget

Thilko Richter thilko.richter at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 11 08:46:28 EDT 2008


I have a FXTextfield connected with a FXDataTarget. My FxTextField is
a logging window, so  I always would like to see the last line
visible. I initialized the FXText with FXText::TEXT_AUTOSCROLL, but, I
dont know why, the last line is no keep visible, although I can see
the updates of the TextField through the FXDataTarget. Currently I
switch to a manually assignment of the text and call
"makePositionVisible", but is this the right solution?

As far as I understand the TEXT_AUTOSCROLL should always scroll to the end?



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