[fxruby-users] Multiple Main window

natarajnarayan at vaaraahi.com natarajnarayan at vaaraahi.com
Thu Sep 4 04:06:08 EDT 2008

Hi friends

I am from Delphi/Lazarus world. Trying my hands on fxruby.

I have made a FXMainWindow for user verification. Once the user is  
verified and clicks Button (OK) i need to close the current FXMain  
window and Start a new Main window. Presently, I am modifying the  
pig.rb example to suit my needs. I use dbd-mysql to connect to remote  
database. The password verification part works fine.  Is it possible  
to kill the existing FXMain form and create a new one dynamically?

Or can I remove all the widgets in the current form and add next set  
of widgets dynamically ?

Please suggest to me the best methods.



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