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Fri Oct 31 04:33:15 EDT 2008

Em Qui, 2008-10-30 às 15:45 -0500, Lyle Johnson escreveu:

> The getApp() method is defined on the FXId class, which is way up in  
> the class hierarchy and is an ancestor class for FXWindow and many  
> other FXRuby classes. But you obviously need to have your hands on an  
> instance of FXId or one of its subclasses to be able to call that  
> method.
> A more general option (and what I suspect you'll need to use) is to  
> just call the FXApp.instance method, which returns the (single) FXApp  
> instance, e.g.
> 	FXApp.instance.beep
> Hope this helps,
> Lyle
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Hi, Lyle.

According to the documentation on http://www.fxruby.org/doc/api/, the
only methods available in FXId are:

create   created?   destroy   detach  

but it does have an attribute called "app". I guess when you say to use
the method getApp you're really saying to use this app attribute which,
as you explained here, is inherited by FXWindow. Am I right in thinking
so? I'm just asking because I couldn't find ANY method named getApp
neither on this documentation nor on the documentation for Ruby core.

Sorry if these questions are boring, but I'm new to Ruby and FXRuby, and
I want to understand it very well, in order to use it in depth.



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