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Andreas S andreas_s at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 30 05:54:21 EDT 2008


I'm working on my first fxruby project and I'd like to be able to select multiple FXTable rows, similar to LIST_EXTENDED behavior for FXList. First of all, is there already an option to do this from FXTable or its rowHeader?

Secondly, I thought I can implement this myself. I'll save the row index on left button click on row header. If the left button click is accompanied by SHIFT, then I'll select all rows between from last row index to the currently selected row. I figure I need FXEvent so I can check if SHIFT has been pressed. I can't use row header's SEL_CLICKED because the data is the row index. SEL_LEFTBUTTONRELEASE gives me an FXEvent, just what I need.

But now I run into a problem. FXTable seems to define row header's SEL_LEFTBUTTONRELEASE response, which is un-pressing the row header button (or even more, I'm not sure). I lose that when I do rowHeader.connect(SEL_LEFTBUTTONRELEASE) {...}. I'd like to avoid finding out what widget defines the response, what the response behavior is and reimplementing it. How can I add a response for row header's SEL_LEFTBUTTONRELEASE, rather than redefining it? 

So far I'm very pleased and enjoying working with fxruby. Thank you in advance for your help. 


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