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angico angico at angico.org
Thu Oct 23 11:35:33 EDT 2008

Em Qui, 2008-10-23 às 09:16 -0500, Lyle Johnson escreveu:
> On Oct 23, 2008, at 8:58 AM, angico wrote:
> I don't know why sending the ID_ACCEPT or ID_CANCEL message wouldn't  
> cancel the modal behavior, but I suppose you can just do what those  
> handlers would do directly. Instead of calling handle() on the dialog  
> box, do something like:
> 	getApp().stopModal(dialogBox, true)
> 	dialogBox.hide
> Hope this helps,
> Lyle

Well, Lyle, I'm affraid the mistery is still there. As far as I can see,
the call to handle(...) is doing exactly the same as the call to hide():
it just hides the dialog box, while the modal loop keeps running. I made
a call to dialog.show, after calling handle(...) and the dialog just
popped up back to the screen. The call to getApp.stopModal(...) also is
silently ignored (?).

Just wandering: I'm using a thread, started from within the
implementation of execute, just before calling super. This thread, then,
runs a loop to implement a "regress" bar and once the regress bar
reaches 0, I call handle(...) as the final line of this thread. Does
this thread cause all this matter of misbehavior?



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