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Em Qua, 2008-10-22 às 08:25 -0300, angico escreveu:
> Em Qua, 2008-10-22 às 05:53 -0300, angico escreveu:
> Well, while waiting for any more hints, I was wandering why the program
> was hanging, and I thought it was because the creation of the new thread
> was happening inside the overridden version of execute (before the call
> to super).
> So I dedided to create a new method, ini, to which I moved the line "t =
> Thread.new { regressao }", and which is called from the main window just
> before calling dialog.execute. It firstly seemed to work, but now I got
> a segmentation fault at exactly the line for the call to handle(...).
> Does anybody know what I am doing wrong?
> TIA,
> -- 
> angico

Ok. I have solved the segmentation fault issue. Now the call to
handle(...) causes the dialog box to close, but it still stays alive
with its modal behavior. The only way I can get out of it is by typing
Ctrl-C in the console. Then I got a message telling me:

./dialogx.rb:54:in `execute': Interrupt
	from ./dialogx.rb:54:in `execute'

Why can't I get out of the modal loop via handle(...)? Isn't there a way
to tell the dialog button to "simulate" a click on it, like we do it in
Java, with doClick()? Is there any other way I can get out of the modal
loop of execute()?

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