[fxruby-users] Intercepting and reviewing FXText messages, especially KEY_PRESS|SEL_INSERTED

Jason Martin jason at jolierouge.net
Mon May 19 05:55:28 EDT 2008

Hi All,

I am new to the list, and FXRuby, this being my first post. I have hit a 
little snag, I am futzing around with a texteditor and everything works 
fine, but I would like to add in a snippet like functionality, but I 
seem to be at a loss for how to do it.

How I imagine it would be done is.

I have created a Dispatcher class, this class handles most messages in 
the program, adding a new tab/editor, displaying x or why. What I would 
like to do is have my Dispatcher class intercept messages
to and from the FXText, and then perform some actions on the FXText. If 
someone presses the TAB key, I would want to intercept that, grab the 
text before the cursor, see if a snippet has been defined, if
so, add the text in, otherwise, send the TAB key to the FXText like 
normal and let it do it's thing.

Some code:

class Dispatcher
  def initialize(owner,sender,sel,event)
    puts "Dispatcher Called with: #{owner}, #{sender}, #{sel}, #{event}"

def add_buffer(name)
      @buffers << FXText.new(frame,:opts => TEXT_WORDWRAP|LAYOUT_FILL)
      @current_buffer = @buffers.last

Essentially, what I imagine is this:

def add_buffer(name)
      #pseudo Code
        @buffers.last.connect(message) do |sender,sel,event|
      #end pseudo code
#pseudo code
  def handle_text_widget_message(sender,sel,event)
      if event.code == code_i_want then
          #do something here
#end pseudocode

I may be completely off my rocker and doing things retarded, as I am 
mainly a webprogrammer, and very new to GUI programming and how it 
works, so if there is a better, or more standard way of doing it, please 
point it out to me, or reference documents that might help, anything 
will be greatly appreciated. While writing this, I realize that I can 
use SEL_KEYRELEASE and get the info I want, however, I would like to get 
it before insertion,a nd not have to handle determining key behavior for 
the widget, like backspace, and insert etc.

Many thanks in advance,

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