[fxruby-users] Canvas to postscript file

Len Lawrence lcl at tarazed.demon.co.uk
Thu Mar 13 20:49:31 EDT 2008

Ruby 1.8
FOX 1.6

Mandriva 2008 - Linux

Having invested several months in learning and using fxruby as an
alternative to C/Tcl/Tk or rubytk I have started redeveloping some of
my homegrown programs for this new environment.  The most important is
paddb, an address label printer, which uses Tcl to generate postscript
files from a canvas.  FOX has the FXDCPrint class which looks like it
generates postscript output.  If this is supported by fxruby can it be
used somehow in conjunction with a canvas and further would it be
possible to copy that to a postscript file?  In Tcl/Tk the
canvas.postscript function handles all that transparently.  Is there
such a method in fxruby?  The documentation available suggests not.
Are there then any plans to incorporate such a facility in fxruby?  If
not I shall have to regress to rubytk, which I could never get to work
satisfactorily.  There are additional problems with that in Mandriva 2008
to do with the adoption of TclTk8.5.  Mandriva's rubytk is compiled
against version 8.4 AFAIK.


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