[fxruby-users] Printing alternatives with FXRuby

William Rutiser wruyahoo05 at comcast.net
Mon Jun 16 10:43:33 EDT 2008

I am working on a program which constructs simple graphic diagrams which 
need to be printed. Currently, I am drawing on an FXCanvas, doing a 
screen capture of the window with ALT-PrintScreen, pasting the bitmap 
into MS Paint, and printing from there.

The documentation for FXPrinter, etc seems pretty thin and I haven't 
found an example or demonstration for its use tho I did find a couple of 
archived emails that suggest it may be limited, particularly on Windows.

I am using Ruby 1.8.26, FXRuby 1.6.14, and Windows XP SP3

How do other applications, *nix or Windows, handle printing?

Is there anything in FxRuby or elsewhere that can be used to directly 
capture the canvas pixels in a form that can be exported in a useful 
file format?

Thank you for any advice or suggestions, however incomplete.

Bill Rutiser

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