[fxruby-users] problem with fox instalation

angico angico at angico.org
Thu Jul 31 05:27:44 EDT 2008

Em Qui, 2008-07-31 às 09:06 +0100, Len Lawrence escreveu:
> I had a similar problem some time back.  Lyle explained that it was 
> caused by a bug in an early version of gems.  Once the fox16 object file 
> had been built it was immediately deleted as part of the cleanup 
> process.  The problem went away when I installed a later version of 
> rubygems, > 1.0 I think.  Your problem may be unrelated though.  I also 
> had to endure that the version numbers of the FOX library and fxruby 
> matched, i.e. FOX16 and fxruby1.6.
> Len
Hi, Len.

Thank you for the hint, but I think that's not the way to go, since I'm
using just the same versions of the packages both in my desktop system
and in my notebook:

$ gem --version

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