[fxruby-users] Handling Escape key-press in dialog window

Vladimir Konrad v.konrad at lse.ac.uk
Fri Jan 11 12:34:17 EST 2008

> See what happens if you do something like this:
> 	self.connect(SEL_KEYPRESS) do |sender, sel, event|
> 		app.exit(0) if event.code == KEY_Escape
> 		false
> 	end

This was my first approach (and it still does the same - carries on.

The self.connect(SEL_KEYPRESS) does not get even called (is this
because some other widget has a focus (there are other keyboard
handlers in the log-in screen, but they are set-up for KEY_RELEASE)?

Also, the log-in dialog box gets created in the main window .create

# Main window .create method

  def create


PS: I bought your book, time permitting I will send some feed-back...

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