[fxruby-users] FXColorDialog slow UI update

Philippe Lang philippe.lang at attiksystem.ch
Thu Feb 28 03:29:57 EST 2008

Hi Lyle,

I have noticed a very small problem with the FXColorDialog class: when
changing the color with the color wheel, it takes quite a long time
(until 4 seconds, sometimes less) for the other panels of the dialog to

The opposite is also true: when changing the color with the sliders, it
may take sometimes until 4 seconds for the color wheel to reflect the

That's not a big deal, really. I guess it is only a refresh problem,
which I also had on the other parts of my framework. I solved that with:

  def forceImmediatePageRefresh

I'm not sure this is optimal at all, but it works!

Good luck with your book, and thanks for FXRuby,



Note: FXRuby 1.6.13 under Windows XP, with ruby 1.8.6

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