[fxruby-users] Text color for individual items in FXTable

Thomas, Jason M (Software) jmthomas at ball.com
Mon Feb 25 18:06:33 EST 2008

You can use the FXTable's setCellColor to acheive a nice alternating
look as shown in the screenshot on the FXRuby website. However, it
sounds like you're trying to set individual cells which I haven't tried.

    # Table
    @table = FXTable.new(frame,
      :opts =>
      :padding => 2)
    @table.visibleRows = 20
    @table.visibleColumns = 8

    @table.setTableSize(50, 14)

    @table.setBackColor(FXRGB(255, 255, 255))
    @table.setCellColor(0, 0, FXRGB(255, 255, 255))
    @table.setCellColor(0, 1, FXRGB(255, 240, 240))
    @table.setCellColor(1, 0, FXRGB(240, 255, 240))
    @table.setCellColor(1, 1, FXRGB(240, 240, 255))

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I would like to set text colors for individual items in an FXTable.
FXTable has a textColor accessor, but it applies to every item, not to
individual items.  So I subclassed FXTable and overrode createItem to
return a subclass of FXTableItem in which I override drawContent.  One
of drawContent's parameters is the device context dc, but when I call
dc.drawText in my customized drawContent, nothing is drawn on the
screen.  I know the method is being called.  What might be wrong?  Has
anyone else managed to set text colors for individual table items?


Thanks for any help,




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