[fxruby-users] building for 1.9

Steven Parkes smparkes at smparkes.net
Tue Apr 1 16:10:14 EDT 2008

Hey Lyle,

You mentioned in a couple of places that you'd been looking at making fxruby
work on 1.9.

Does that get rid of (or at least obviate the need for) the idle chore?
Since 1.9 uses native threads, can one expect real concurrency, at least to
the extent that the two event-loops/schedulers could do their blocking
selects (or the moral equivalent) independently ...

I thought I'd try first, rather than ask, but I haven't quite figure out how
to do a 1.9 build.

Trying to build 1.6.14, I get bollixed up on extconf.rb wanting ftools,
which isn't in 1.9 (as far as I can tell ...) I could go down the path of
figuring out tweaks to make that work, but ...

I also looked at building from trunk, but there is no extconf.rb ... I'm not
sure where that little piece of magic is supposed to come from (but I have
rather limited experience when it comes to doing much beyond "gem build" and
"gem install" with rubygems). 

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