[fxruby-users] Updating GUI while doing slow IO-operations

Kenneth Juul kennetha at stud.ntnu.no
Thu Sep 20 02:59:55 EDT 2007

I am noob struggling with a problem and hope some of you guys can
help. I believe it is a matter of concept, not code errors, so I am
not posting the code:

I have made a rather large program in Ruby for use in Windows. The
user interface is made with fxruby, of course. The program is
"talking" to a small embedded computer over both serial and ethernet
interfaces. Some of this communication is taking a while, several
minutes actually, and this is when my problem occurs:

During slow, time consuming operations, the GUI freezes / hangs.
Sometimes it just turn "windows-white" and stays like this until the
IO is done, other times it just freezes the last window until IO is

I have done some vague attempts on starting of the IO withing separate
threads without any improvement. I also have tried some calls to
flush(), forceRefresh(), refresh(), update() and so on, without any

Enlighten me please!

Kenneth Juul

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