[fxruby-users] Yield a message handler from another message handler?

Philippe Lang philippe.lang at attiksystem.ch
Wed May 30 01:24:48 EDT 2007


I'm using an FXTable as a database table interface.

When clicking on a row header button, I'd like to know if the table
content was changed since the last database commit.

I'm using the FXTable SEL_REPLACED message for that purpose. Each time
this message is fired, I raise a "diry flag" for the table. If the flag
is set, the table has to be commited to the database.

This works in most situations, except one: when the user is editing a
cell of a fresh commited table, and then directly clicks on the row
header, the table is still "non-dirty" when the FXHeader SEL_COMMAND
message handler is started, and remains in this state until the message
handler ends. Only then is the FXTable SEL_REPLACED message fired. But
too late!

Is there a way to "yield" a message handler from another one? Or is
there a workaround for that problem?


Philippe Lang

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