[fxruby-users] mdiclient windows do not always activate on click

Joel VanderWerf vjoel at path.berkeley.edu
Sat May 19 18:03:34 EDT 2007

Joel VanderWerf wrote:
> Joel VanderWerf wrote:
>> I just noticed that MDIClient windows do not automatically become 
>> current when they receive a mouse click, but only do so if the click 
>> happens inside of an enabled widget. This may very well be correct, but 
>> if so then what is the right way to handle it, if you want a more 
>> familiar window-manager behavior (click to focus)?
>> For example, if you change the mditest.rb example like so...
>> --- mditest.rb  2007-04-18 16:19:59.000000000 -0700
>> +++ mdi.rb      2007-04-27 14:44:54.000000000 -0700
>> @@ -134,7 +134,7 @@
>>       scrollwindow = FXScrollWindow.new(mdichild, 0)
>>       scrollwindow.verticalScrollBar.setLine(@font.fontHeight)
>>       btn = FXButton.new(scrollwindow, TYGER,
>> -      :opts => LAYOUT_FIX_WIDTH|LAYOUT_FIX_HEIGHT, :width => 600, 
>> :height => 1000)
>> +      :opts => LAYOUT_FIX_WIDTH|LAYOUT_FIX_HEIGHT, :width => 100, 
>> :height => 100)
>>       btn.font = @font
>>       btn.backColor = FXColor::White
>>       mdichild
>> ...and then click on the empty area within one of the windows behind the 
>> active child, then that window will not be made active.
>> However, adding the line
>>      scrollwindow.enabled = true
>> makes the behavior feel more normal (to me).
>> Is there any drawback to enabling things like scroll windows (probably 
>> also frames and matrixes, but I haven't tried them)?
>> Is there a better way to handle this?
> Here's a candidate. In the FXMDIChild's create method, enable the 
> content window (which I guess is everything but the title bar and 
> border), and handle mousedown:
>    def create(*)
>      super
>      contentWindow.enable
>      contentWindow.connect(SEL_LEFTBUTTONPRESS) do
>        parent.setActiveChild self
>        false
>      end
>    end
> Unfortunately, a mouse click in (for example) a label inside of the 
> content window doesn't get caught this way. Still looking for something 
> better...

And here's an update on getting click-to-focus to work in MDI land...

The workaround above isn't quite right, since it enables too many 
windows, and the connect(SEL_LEFTBUTTONPRESS) seems to interfere with 
the ability of FXTable's scrollbars to scroll the table (I'm not sure 
why, because I do return false).

Anyway, the latest workaround is:

   def create(*)

     pr = proc do |w|
       case w
       when FXComposite, FXLabel
         w.connect(SEL_LEFTBUTTONPRESS) do
           parent.setActiveChild self

     contentWindow.each_child_recursive do |ch|

Is there a more elegant solution? My guess: The source of the problem is 
that I am expecting MDIClient to behave like a window manager, which 
would have focus policy options, like click-to-focus. Possible solutions:

1. MDIClient has a new option for focus policy, and, if CLICK_TO_FOCUS 
is set, then clicking in a child window sends SEL_CHANGED to the 
MDICLient and doesn't send the message to the child.

2. Another message, SEL_CLICK_INACTIVE or something, is sent to the 
MDIClient only when an inactive part of a child is clicked. The 
MDIClient can choose to activate the window, ignore the message, etc.

       vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407

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