[fxruby-users] Next FXRuby Release

Lyle Johnson lyle.johnson at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 11:48:26 EDT 2007

On 3/29/07, Melton, Ryan <rmelton at ball.com> wrote:

> I was just wondering when the next FXRuby release is planned.  Jeroen has
> included some nice updates up to his current release with the most important
> for me being multi-monitor support for Windows without compiling with a .NET
> version of VC++.   The Windows binary gem in FXRuby 1.6.6 doesn't work right
> on Windows with multiple monitors.  (Pull down menus always show up on the
> first monitor).  I'm hoping compiling with the new FOX library will fix
> this.

Is it this change from FOX 1.6.24 that you're talking about?

"Added run-time test for multi-head display configuration; it no
longer depends on having up-to-date header files."

If so, sure, I can probably put together a new release this weekend. I
usually don't like to do that unless I've actually made some fixes to
FXRuby, but this seems like a good reason to do that.

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