[fxruby-users] new DND idea

Raj Sahae rajsahae at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 05:15:12 EDT 2007

Hi there.  Some of you may remember that I was having problems with 
DND.  I solved that problem using YAML.  However, I have run into new 
problems because YAML creates a new instance of the object, exactly 
equal to the old one, but nonetheless, a new object in a different 
memory location.  Instead of doing that, I wish to simply pass the 
actual reference, the memory location, of the object.  How would I do 
that?  For example, if "card" in this case was a reference to on object 
at 0x0000001 (contrived, yes):

imageView.connect(SEL_DND_REQUEST) do |sender, sel, event|
         if event.target == @image_drag_type
                  imageView.setDNDData(FROM_DRAGNDROP, @image_drag_type,
                  data_sent = true

Instead of encoding the YAML.dump, I would encode what?  And on the 
otherside, I would decode and then what?

Raj Sahae

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