[fxruby-users] input.rbw

Lyle Johnson lyle.johnson at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 12:51:44 EDT 2007

On 6/11/07, Tom <tl2001 at pacbell.net> wrote:

> I'm trying to understand what type of command you
> should enter into the command label. Is it something
> like 'dir'?

If you inspect the source code for the "inputs.rb" example program,
you'll see that the command text is passed verbatim to Ruby's
IO.popen() method:

    @pipe = IO.popen(@cmdInput.text)

When I run this program under Windows XP (using the Ruby 1.8.6
one-click installer), I can type (for example) "dir c:\" into the
command text field, and press the Enter key, and the directory listing
appears in the window above the text field.

> I've tried many different commands but they don't
> work.

Not sure how to advise you on this. I am Cc'ing the mailing list to
see if anyone else has a suggestion.

> Is there any docs on what each program is supposed to
> do?

No, they're just short examples. The point of "inputs.rb" is to
demonstrate how to use the FXApp#addInput method to listen to an IO
(File) object's output.

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