[fxruby-users] MDIClient with ScrollArea

Aaron Caza aaronc at DatalogTechnology.com
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Thanks for your response and your insights.  As for the reasoning behind the
scrolling, it is intended as a way to give the user...flexibility.  In this
case, I will have users that have various screens configured (a "screen" in
this instance refers to the widgets a user has chosen to display in the
current view).  For users that move between machines (home and work, for
example, with server-based user preferences), this will eliminate the
problem of resolution changes causing (unwanted) screen layout/configuration
changes.  Then, at the user's option, they can manually select a
"Fit-to-Display" button to resize should they desire.


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On Monday 04 June 2007 13:10, Aaron Caza wrote:
> Gentlemen,
> I'm trying to determine if it is possible to make an MDI interface in
> which is capable of supporting large work areas whether they're virtual
> panning on one monitor) or multi-monitor capable.  I've tried modifying
> mditest example code to use an FXScrollArea
> (FXMainWindow->FXScrollArea->FXMDIClient) but I couldn't get it to work.

I see no reason why you'd want to scroll FXMDIClient, but if you do, it
be inside FXScrollWindow, not FXScrollArea.

I have used dual-head configured machines with FXMainWindow stretched over 
both screens.  That works fine.  Your FXMDIChild can thus span two screens.

> So, what I'm wondering if a) this is actually possible with FXRuby and b)
> how I should go about doing this.

FXScrollArea is really meant as base-class for scrolled widgets.  For
GUI, use FXScrollWindow.  It expects a single child, and that child will be


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