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Jeroen van der Zijp jeroen at fox-toolkit.org
Fri Jan 19 02:09:38 EST 2007

On Friday 19 January 2007 00:35, gga wrote:
> Jeroen van der Zijp wrote:
> > Its not so big, and even then its a non-issue, since the library ought
> > to be shared by multiple FOX applications as a DLL.
> Here's the stats on my linux machine (stripped builds):
> FXruby - fox16.so  - 22Mb (plus a group of 12 additional ruby files or so)
> FOX1.6 - 12Mb

Make sure you're doing a release-build [--enable-release].  Debug
build will be lots bigger.

> Ruby - fltk2.so - 2.9Mb (no additional ruby files needed)
> fltk2.so - 1.1Mb (this includes fltk2_gl and fltk2_images.  without
> those two, fltk2 is just 988Kb).
> Trust me.  There's a significant difference in start-up times between a
> 22Mb toolkit and a 3Mb one, even on the latest hardware.

I trust you.  However, a typical FOX application compiled in release 
mode isn't anywhere near 22MB, even when statically linked to FOX;
again, don't count symbols; those don't exist while you're running!

> Sure, if you have multiple applications running (ideally, your window
> manager) that use the toolkit, the startup times do become negligible. 
> Unfortunately, most people tend to use gnome or kde for their wm, so the
> startup times of a third party library is still important.

Startup time is not dominated by the time to load a library into memory.
Even old drives are >40MB/s and that means a 4MB library loads in .1s
or thereabouts.

The time for startup depends on the number of windows, icons, and other
X resources you create.  All these things have to be pushed from client
to X server.  Not to mention, after the window manager places/sizes the
window, every widget needs to be placed properly during layout.

Compared to all that, load time is completely negligable...

> I went back to fltk recently just because of that, because I needed to
> code an image viewer for 3d applications and as such it just had to boot
> almost immediately.  I was gladly surprised to find that fltk2 is now
> finally usable.
> > FOX has AA Fonts.  Just turn it on [./configure --with-xft=yes ... ].
> >   
> Sorry for that.  I did not see mention of this anywhere and the Makefile
> did not detect xft automatically  (as it probably should, if
> installed).  You might want to look into that in the current Makefile.

It will be on by default once hardware alpha blending is a bit more common;
on most machines & typical unaccelerated 2D X server, Xft is about an order
of magnitude slower, perhaps more.  It really shows when you're scrolling.

Hopefully, X over GL will take care of that one day.


				- Jeroen

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