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Jeroen van der Zijp jeroen at fox-toolkit.org
Thu Jan 18 20:49:52 EST 2007

On Thursday 18 January 2007 16:15, gga wrote:
> Björn Bergqvist wrote:
> > Hello,
> > Has anyone tested QtRuby? I'm doing a small OpenGL application
> > http://www.discretizer.org and just want to know the arguments for
> > staying with fxruby.
> >
> > This is what I have discovered:
> >
> > Pros:
> > -Fxruby seems to have a very nice OpenGL support (FXGLViewer) which is
> > what I really need.
> > -Nice looks. No unnecessary theming support.
> >   
> Well, I've gone back to FLTK, having created now my own FLTK2.0 ruby
> bindings, which I expect to release probably at the end of month.  As
> for FXRuby vs Qt....
> _
> FXRuby is:_
> Pros:
> - Truly multi-platform: OSX, Windows and Linux ( QtRuby is just linux,
> no windows afaik )
> - More flexible licensing ( Qt is a commercial toolkit and as such it is
> not free for commercial ventures on windows, afaik)
> - Fox bindings use SWIG, which is a well documented API wrapper that
> anyone can debug (Qt is open source, but the binding is done with a
> custom wrapper C program, with no docs)
> Cons:
> - FxRuby is pretty heavy compared to FLTK.  (Qt is worse, thou)

Its not so big, and even then its a non-issue, since the library ought
to be shared by multiple FOX applications as a DLL.
At any rate, don't look at the size of the library.  Look how big
a stripped executable clocks in. The library contains a lot of symbols,
and due to C++ name mangling & use of name-spaces, the space for symbols
is quite large compared to actual executable code.

What counts, when you actually run, is what size your final executable
is, after compiling with optimization & stripping unnecessary symbols.

For example, my flag-ship executable clocks in about 4MB.  It uses a
large fraction of what FOX has [GL/3D/widgets/etc].

The "naked" library is only around 4MB, once symbols have been stripped;
compare with C runtime library, which is also just under 4MB [on AMD64].

> - Ugly looking (particularly on Unix OSes, where there's no support for
> AA fonts, for example)

FOX has AA Fonts.  Just turn it on [./configure --with-xft=yes ... ].


				- Jeroen

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