[fxruby-users] QtRuby

Björn Bergqvist bjorn.bergqvist at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 15:22:32 EST 2007

Has anyone tested QtRuby? I'm doing a small OpenGL application
http://www.discretizer.org and just want to know the arguments for
staying with fxruby.

This is what I have discovered:

-Fxruby seems to have a very nice OpenGL support (FXGLViewer) which is
what I really need.
-Nice looks. No unnecessary theming support.
-Very fast and light on system resources.

-No complete documentation, very time consuming in some cases. I've
had real problems to find info on which identifiers that are available
(like FXGLShape::ID_FRONT_MATERIAL). Where is that info?

Since I'm been working with my application for 1 year (on my spare
time) I will stick with fxruby. But the ruby binding for Qt an Kde
really look interesting. In another project maybe?

Björn Bergqvist

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