[fxruby-users] Problem using foxGUIb

Ernest Ellingson erne at powernav.com
Mon Feb 19 14:43:01 EST 2007

Meinrad Recheis wrote:
> On 2/19/07, Ernest Ellingson <erne at powernav.com> wrote:
>> I'm at a definite loss here.  I downloaded foxGUIb v0.7.  I unzipped the
>> files.  (Windows XP pro)
>> I ran ruby install.rb in the libGUIb directory.
>> I switched to the foxGUIb directory
>> I tried running foxGUIb_win32.rbw
>> Nothing happened.
>> I tried running ruby foxGUIb.rb
>> I get the following error.
>> please install libGUIb!!
>> no such file to load -- fox16
> all i can say is that libGUIb16.rb is there, gets called and fails in
> its very first line trying to require fox16. i got no clue about what
> is going wrong...
> what happens when you do
> require "fox16"
> in irb?
> what exception stacktrace do you get when you launch libGUIb16.rb directly?
>> Here is the text in the installed files
>> C:/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8//libGUIb14.rb
>> C:/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8//libGUIb16.rb
>> I have other fox gui's that run fine with require 'fox16'
>> Anyone have a clue as to what has gone wrong?
>> Ernie
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Thanks for the response.  I figured out what was going wrong and just 
now have
it working.  My fxruby was installed as a gem.  When I upgraded Ruby to 
windows one click installer, It failed to set the Environmental Variable 
with out that environmental variable, you have to require 'rubygems'.  I 
haven't tried the
foxGUI in Linux yet.  However, I know fxruby was installed there as a 
gem as well.  So
the foxGUI.rb script will have to have a require 'rubygems" in it in 
order for it to function
     I like the gui though.  It's very handy.  I'm giving a presentation 
on fxruby to the Atlanta
Ruby user's group in March.  I will be using the gui to explain how the 
layout manager works.
It's also nice to have all the events available for a widget as well.  
Very nice job.


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